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“I Thought We Had Everything Under Control But Maybe We Don’t.”

That’s what one taxpayer said to us when they called today; a month after their audit started. Before their audit started, we talked to this taxpayer and they had never been audited, decided to go it alone and wouldn’t be hiring anyone. A month later, they called and said, “I thought we had everything under control, but maybe we don’t.”

That’s because you could be doing everything right, you may think, “How bad could this be?” And then the auditor arrives and starts asking for documents that you have no idea what they are, asking you questions and telling you that you’re doing everything wrong. Making you pull hundreds, if not thousands of documents. All of a sudden, it’s overwhelming, you’re not sleeping at night, you’re worried all the time, you’re working many hours to pull the information that the auditor needs and running your company at the same time!

What if I told you that Streamline can make that go away? That you don’t have to go through all that? What are you going to do when the auditor hands you a bill for $400K and you don’t even make that much profit in one year? How could that be what you owe in taxes?

Streamline has been in business since 2001. We are experts in Texas Sales and Use Tax and we have saved taxpayers millions of dollars and countless hours of time and stress. Our aim is to make sure that when the audit is over, it is correct. We work with the auditor to correct any issues in the audit before the audit is over thereby minimizing, if not totally eliminating, the need for a long drawn-out appeals process. When the audit is over, we can also negotiate penalty and interest waivers as well as an interest-free payment plan with the State should that be necessary. We won’t leave you hanging. We will stick with you until the entire process is over.

Our mission is to exceed expectations and to always do the right thing for our clients. We passionately advocate for each client in all areas of taxation and ensure the fair application of tax laws, regulations and policies. Our knowledge, experience and processes are unsurpassed in the industry, which is why we can offer our clients the lowest total end-cost equation.