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Business License & Tax

Our business license tax practice is an industry leader for a reason: our experts work diligently with our clients to effectively manage tax liability, in multiple jurisdictions. We deal daily with business license tax issues, doing everything possible to minimize client liabilities. (In fact, many local jurisdictions actually contact us when they want to make their taxes less stringent.)

We identify savings opportunities by continually advocating for our clients. By scouring all aspects of the law, regulations, and legal precedents, we provide effective tax planning, preparation of returns, auditing—and when necessary—represent clients in administrative hearings.

We have a wide-ranging portfolio of services including: allocation, apportionment, appeals and administrative hearings, audits, exemptions, litigation, voluntary disclosures, negotiations, and more.

For more information on our business license tax services, please contact us at (972) 838-1900.