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Corporate Tax Department

Corporate Tax Department

No matter where you are or what tax services you may need, the consultants here at Streamline want to help you manage you tax obligations responsibly. We excel in tax related engagements and manage complex issues in all 50 states. The Streamline tax team brings quality and consistency to support your tax functions. Our technical knowledge, business intelligence, and proven methodologies are bolstered by a passionate commitment to providing quality service.

The responsible, proactive management of tax obligations is crucial to a company’s success—particularly if your business is to exceed expectations, and grow in a sustainable way. Our highly-networked teams advise on planning, compliance and reporting while maintaining effective taxing authority relationships locally, and internationally.

Though we are a complete sales and use tax resource, the cornerstone of our business is audit defense representation. Harnessing our extensive experience, we proactively represent taxpayers in audits. We are regarded as some of the best audit negotiators in the industry, overseeing the most convoluted tax issues with ease.

At Streamline, our people make the difference. Additionally, our technical and professional networks are available worldwide to help reduce inefficiencies, mitigate risk and identify opportunities.

Our incredible people produce service that is unmatched, because our clients’ priorities become our own. We always take the time required to understand their complex environments, and the unique provisions of the tax codes in which they operate. We are current with all the latest tax laws rulings and changes. This translates to direct, significant tax savings for our clients.

Most importantly, we are great listeners and always respond quickly. We treat all of our clients the same, from the early-stage startups doing less than $100,000 annually to multinational corporations with revenues in the billions. Our company provides them all with premium tax consulting services that maximize their bottom line.

At Streamline the most important thing to us is your reference—and we earn this with every engagement.

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