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Mixed Beverage Tax

Streamline specializes in TABC (sometimes referred to as “liquor tax”), by working aggressively for our clients, providing meticulous fact-finding to capture found money. We specialize in this critical mandatory audit for alcoholic beverage taxes in states across the nation. Many businesses do not understand the math behind these audits, and inadvertently inflate their average selling price.

Liquor tax is also known as the Mixed Beverage Gross Receipts Tax (TABC). It is not a matter of IF you will be audited, but WHEN you will be audited. Fact: over half of all mixed beverage tax audits result in taxes due. Like anything else, the best defense is a strong offense. We will help you prepare—proactively—so that you are not fined thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars in extra penalties, taxes, and interest. Our associates have proven experience conducting audits, and have developed relationships with members of both the TABC and State Comptroller’s Office. If you have already been audited and received a ‘Notice of Tax Due’—it is not too late—contact us immediately! We always reach terms, helping our clients save big.

Mixed Beverage Audits are ‘non-statistical’ samples based on a snapshot of randomly-selected ‘test months.’ As such, there is a margin of error in every one of these audits. The auditor will select random months from your audit; input certain mixed beverage products; estimate average selling prices and number of drinks available for sale; compute any complimentary drinks, spills and breakage and then compute a final tax due amount. You are then provided a brief description of the audit procedures, handed the ‘audit work papers’ and then left to decide if your audit was “fair.”

Streamline’s audit teams, experts in the newest regulations and audit procedures, save money, time, and headaches. Streamline’s defense teams have navigated over 3,000 TABC audits, giving us unparalleled breadth of service in this field.

For more information regarding Streamline’s TABC services, please contact us at (972) 838-1900 to speak with a qualified, experienced liquor tax professional.