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Streamline is an emerging world-class leader in the fields of administrative hearings representation and tax consulting services. We help clients build strong foundations of sustainable growth while offering intelligent tax and business strategies. We specialize in local, state, federal and international tax laws and practices. We proudly service a diverse range of industries, including public sector, communications, energy, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, contractors, oil and gas, real estate, telecomm, and utilities.

Streamline’s thorough evaluations, expansive technical knowledge and unswerving methodologies are the foundation of our tax practice. Our services offer transparency, improve opportunities, catch inefficiencies and mitigate risks. By proactively managing your taxes, we help to ensure your business not only survives, but flourishes. With ever-shifting tax regulations—and in particular, the current economic environment—our services have never been more critical.

Streamline is current with all the latest tax regulations. Call for a confidential free appointment to evaluate your situation. Let us introduce you to some wonderful benefits that your financial department can overlook, particularly if your department is shrinking, or you don’t have the resources to monitor the taxability of transactions. We spend time every day in administrative hearings, witnessing the many unwritten tax policies that are laid out daily.