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Tax technology has unleashed a myriad of new tax systems. Our technicians help clients harness tax technology solutions’ full potential—from something as simple as automating a tax return’s preparation—to implementing a complex tax decision-making software application.

Our technology solutions reduce operating costs and streamline the tax process. We are experts at implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that places tax decisions with tax professionals (avoiding errors that come with trusting someone outside the tax department). ERP, and other process automations, transform companies’ tax departments from reactive cost centers, into proactive, value-adding departments.

We tailor our services to each client. To this end, we regularly perform feasibility studies to assist clients in choosing the appropriate tax decision-making software. (When a custom system is best, we develop one.) We create tax decision solutions structured to achieve the highest degree of accuracy and consistency.

Our services include: business process and system review; software implementations; tax research, technical support, training, troubleshooting and support services.