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We appreciate the way Streamline accepted the challenge of our current compliance issues and the relationship they built with the state examiner during the process. It was very admirable watching the delicate way Streamline worked with the state auditor adjusting to his personality, making him basically a part of the team to overcome potential problem areas. We simply don’t have the time to babysit an audit but somebody has got to be there the whole time looking out for our company’s best interest. That is what Streamline does. ~ Colene Blankenship, Controller, PetroChem Inspection Services, Inc.

Streamline has played a pivotal role in assisting and honing the best outcomes for Igloo. Streamline introduced us to the Texas Managed Audit Program several years ago, and we have been using it ever since. The managed audit program removes the auditor from the equation so that a representative advocating Igloo’s best interest performs the audit. While working with us, Streamline took the time to understand our internal processes in order to tailor our defense. Streamline is the perfect culmination of professionalism, meticulous planning and execution. I am happy to recommend Streamline on a nationwide basis for any company facing an audit. ~ Katherine Wenner, Tax Manager, Igloo Products Corp.

As a result of Streamline’s support, our total tax liability was reduced by over $200,000. Streamline has a commitment to excellence attitude and is a customer service-based organization. I am impressed with Streamline’s expertise in the sales tax arena and recommend them to anyone with sales tax consulting needs. ~ Mark Hodkinson, Business Unit Controller, Power One & HC Power