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Texas Sales & Use Tax Audit Consultants

Streamline’s Sales and Use Tax services are designed to provide you with a solution to minimize your sales and use tax audit liabilities. Our tax consultants will work with you by facilitating the entire audit process on your behalf. We can also supplement your in-house tax department professionals by analyzing audit work papers and methodologies applied by the auditor. We are available to assist you at any point during the audit process. Ultimately, Streamline ensures the final audit assessment is fair, accurate, and completed in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Streamline confirms all sales and use tax audit assessments are minimized by ensuring the removal of incorrect audit adjustments and all tax credits and refunds available to you are included in the audit. Our consultants review the entire audit in detail, ensuring the correct sampling procedures are employed; all contentions are pursued and negotiated with the state’s auditor. We will also work with the agency to waive some if not all the penalty and interest.

With your approval, Streamline will pursue unresolved audit issues through all available channels, such as the Texas Comptroller’s Independent Audit Review process and the Administrative Hearing process.

Streamline will work with your staff to improve your tax processes to eliminate future errors and reduce subsequent audit assessments. Streamline’s comprehensive audit representation, defense and audit reduction services ensure you pay only the legal, minimum tax due.