The sales tax specialists at Streamline excel in providing assistance to businesses who are under audit by the Texas State Comptroller’s office. Our goal is to recover all overpaid taxes and to aggressively defend wrongful audit assessments whenever the situation presents itself. We are the Texas leader in Audit Representation and Dispute Resolution.


At Streamline, our passionate commitment to exemplary service is matched only by our expansive knowledge and expertise. To us, a referral from a loyal client is the greatest compliment we can receive. We are proud that a growing number of our newest clients are referred to us by our current clients or their CPAs.

Our Firm’s Values:

Streamline exists to exceed expectations and always do the right thing for our clients and our employees. We passionately advocate for each client in all areas of taxation and ensure the fair application of tax laws, regulations and policies. Our knowledge, experience and processes are unsurpassed in the industry, which is why we can offer our clients the lowest total end-cost equation. We seek to establish and maintain market leadership in tax services by delivering the most innovative, thorough and effective services. We do this by providing the highest level of client service possible, furthering our reputation as a market leader.

If you are facing an audit or just having difficulties with Texas State Comptroller’s office let us help you solve your problems.



Customer Service: We measure the success of our firm based on repeat business. Our clients come back to us for many reasons. We respond to the needs of our clients with urgency while helping them achieve the best possible result.

Integrity: We accept personal responsibility and accountability for all of our actions. Our employees consistently perform and apply the tax code in accordance with a strong set of moral values. There is a way to measure integrity in this industry. Ask me.

Professionalism: We exercise high levels of professionalism in our work and reward merit. We use the most appropriate skills and competencies, continually seeking opportunities to improve our services through innovative approaches and the routine study of Texas tax law. We work collaboratively towards our common goal of representing taxpayers in the most disciplined and professional manner possible. We share our knowledge of best practices with colleagues at all levels to enhance the quality of our services.

Perseverance: We do what it takes to get the job done without ever compromising our ethics or the quality of our work.

Collaboration: Do not underestimate the value of a positive working relationship with the highest offices within the Texas Comptroller’s office. We are known within those hallways as “Straight Shooters”.