Energy Consulting Services


What We Do

Our energy consulting services will help you address your energy needs today, which better manages your long term cost. Beginning with the start of Texas’ deregulation in 2002 (and similarly, in other markets nationwide) multiple retail electric providers, aggregators, brokers and consultants have entered and left the market. Purchasing electricity can be an incredibly demanding process and we are here to consult on products, prices, contracts, terms, services, and more.

We provide a wide range of larger retail electric providers, and a variety of rate plans: fixed-rate, MCPE, Heat Rate, block, hybrid, and others.

We can also assist with:


✓ Maximizing energy savings at no cost
✓ Detailed, thorough energy audits
✓ Analysis of thermal energy storage
✓ Reviews of demand-side management
✓ Audits of utility bills
✓ Forecasting of annual budgets
✓ Negotiations of energy contracts
✓ Analysis of HVAC energy use
✓ Tax-exemption certificates
✓ Correction of power factors
✓ Predominant use studies

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For more information on energy consulting services, please contact us at (972) 838-1914.