Agribusiness & Food 

The agribusiness and food market has ever-changing tax regulations that can be hard to navigate. Streamline integrates all its offerings to service clients’ decision-making in this difficult area. We consider sustainability and the environment, business operating model structures, managing operational efficiencies, supply chain management, innovation and R&D, market entry and expansion, consumer trends, private labeling and private equity investment.

Aviation & Transport 

The aviation and transportation industries are facing incredible hurdles. Streamline assists clients in these industries by staying ahead of industry trends and regulatory changes.

Consumer Business 

Streamline assists companies in implementing tax policies, procedures, and reporting that are in line with brand identity as well as new product categories and growing a business within an environment of economic uncertainty.

Educational Institutions 

Streamline works with educational institutions on compliance, management issues, and audits. We offer stable vital records storage, a critical service for any institution. We also review and analyze institutional budgets to maximize allocations, identify waste and provide transparent accounting for public funds.

Energy & Resources 

As nonrenewable resources supplies dwindle, regulatory pressures continue to impact this industry. We help clients maintain alliances and effectively anticipate risk—while improving performance and operating efficiency. Streamline’s expertise in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services is regarded as the “Best-In-Field.”

Financial Institutions 

Our experienced professionals provide a wide range of audit, consulting, finance, tax and risk services to clients in every sector of the banking and securities industry. We assist with the integration of new products and revenue development, organization, and sustainability issues. Additionally, we help create business strategies addressing regulatory reform, technology change, competitive dynamics and market movements.

Healthcare & Pharma

We are experts at dealing with the complexities and shifting government regulations in this industry. We detail decreasing margins and increasing cost controls, as we partner with our clients for robust business planning.

Manufacturing/Wholesale Distribution 

This sector represents some of the most complex organizations in the world. We help clients address all issues, including sustainability, competitiveness, mergers & acquisitions, organizational transformation, emerging markets and talent management.


We work with nonprofits to offer healthy financial planning for the future. We cover all avenues, from management assistance to financial reporting; audit preparedness to representation, as needed.

Public Sector 

We work with many public sector organizations to meet challenges including security, climate change, shifts in the global economy, and aging populations. We realize the almost-insurmountable pressure to deliver better public services for less cost. Besides audit services, we help clients implement policy, increase benefits and growth via financial effectiveness, and improve operational performance efficiencies and major program delivery. Our public sector clients include international institutions, governments, and others.


Our global experience provides us with an international perspective on the industry, facilitating collaboration that helps solve business issues, achieve potential—and avoid tax issues. Our deep network of dedicated professionals offers an entrepreneurial spirit fused with deep industry experience.

Oil & Gas

We have experience with Oil & Gas industry-specific challenges, industry-standard practices, compliance, and more.

Real Estate

We work closely with our Real Estate clients to develop customized strategies that align with their long-term goals and help them achieve financial success. Whether you are a real estate agent, property owner, or developer, we are here to support you every step of the way.


With our expertise, we help retail businesses achieve their financial goals, stay compliant with all applicable regulations and avoid costly penalties. Whether you are a small independent retailer or a large retail chain, we have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.


We understand the complex tax and financial challenges that startups, established businesses, and investors face in this fast-paced industry. Our services are designed to provide tech companies with a comprehensive range of solutions.


Our tax accounting and consulting firm specializes in providing tax and financial services to the utilities industry, including electric, gas, water, and wastewater companies. We understand the unique challenges faced by utility providers, such as complex regulatory requirements, aging infrastructure, and increasing demands for renewable energy sources. Our services are designed to help utilities manage their finances more efficiently, reduce tax liabilities, and stay compliant with industry regulations.