Voluntary Disclosure


What We Do

Our custom-tailored service ensures optimal results. We help clients to register and settle past due taxes; paying the minimum required amount under a given jurisdiction’s Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (VDA) program. The sooner we are contacted, the easier it is to negotiate a more favorable agreement. We have had successful results involving every type of tax imposed by the DOR here in Texas.

Services include analysis of all business activities, working to determine potential exposure and methods to minimize that exposure. With your blessing, we will contact customers to investigate their accrual policies relating to self-imposition of tax, current audit status, and possible tax back-billing. Each work plan is customized to maximize value and foster simultaneous interaction with multiple jurisdictions. In every engagement, clients receive a closing agreement with each jurisdiction.

Experts in Voluntary Disclosure


In addition, our experts continually find errors within the taxability models that were sold and left behind by some of the larger tax firms for their clients to follow. You need a fresh set of eyes to review your compliance roadmap. This will illuminate undisclosed issues and expose the failures of these projects in advance thus helping you pinpoint your company’s unique tax matrix.

We have associates with expertise in all specialty areas, and wide-ranging VDA experience. We help clients with single or multiple negotiation requirements pertaining even to multiple tax jurisdictions if needed.

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For more information on our voluntary disclosure and registration services, contact us at (972) 838-1914.