Mixed Beverage Tax


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Our tax specialists proactively and effectively represent taxpayers on mixed beverage gross receipts tax audits. This includes the small VFW in a small town to major concert venues to many well-known named restaurant establishments. They pick Streamline to ensure the correct procedures are employed; all contentions are pursued and negotiated with the Comptroller’s staff. This is a very educational based service because there is a lot of psychology that goes into the pour test alone during these undercover visits, not to mention a lot of these inflated assessments occur because there are too many moving pieces. How would you know if you can have the pour test redone? What about different drink recipes that support higher pour rates that were sold during happy hour? How did that impact the amount they are trying to collect from you? I could bury you in a laundry list of things that need to be checked, but then you wouldn’t need us. Don’t outsmart yourself.

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