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“I Thought We Had Everything Under Control But Maybe We Don’t.”

That’s what one taxpayer said to us when they called today; a month after their audit started. Before their audit started, we talked to this taxpayer and they had never been audited, decided to go it alone and wouldn’t be hiring anyone. A month later, they called and said, “IREAD MORE

Getting Sales Tax Audits Right (The Reason I Love My Job)

I’ve been a tax consultant in Texas for over ten years. I was never an auditor for the State of Texas. I never tire of helping taxpayers! Most Texas taxpayers are just good folks trying to run an honest business and make a living to support their families and theREAD MORE

How to Reduce the Cost of a Sales and Use Tax Audit

Being audited by the State of Texas for Sales and Use Tax for many people is very similar to being sued. Many times taxpayers aren’t even aware that the State would audit them. They aren’t aware that they can be audited for Sales and Use tax. Use tax is theREAD MORE