Credits & Incentives

At Streamline, we pursue every opportunity in securing credits and incentives. In fact, our state-approved credit retrieval rating is consistently in the highest percentile among tax consultants nationally. Streamline associates have experience securing and negotiating credits and incentives across all major industries.

Our services include:

  • Identifying opportunities associated with negotiated agreements—BEFORE agreements are finalized
  • Garnering Federal Empowerment Zone, Federal Renewal Community, state zone credits, and others
  • Securing training incentives for company-wide trainings
  • Identifying, negotiating, and securing incentives for new facility construction, existing facility expansion, facilities consolidation, job-related capital expenditures
  • Maximizing previously claimed e tax credits
  • Outsourcing credits’ and incentives’ functionality
  • Reviewing filed state income/franchise tax returns for credit opportunities
  • Reviewing prior incentive awards for optimal utilization

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