Tax Services

Margin Tax Analysis

The Margin Tax, labeled by many as the largest tax increase in Texas history was signed into law in 2006. This bill replaced the ineffective, loophole-addled franchise tax, and is expected to draw in $14.5B in taxes over five years.

Streamline is an expert mitigating risks and creating streamlined analyses.

Our analysis covers the following:

Measuring a company’s new Texas margin tax liability

Diagnosis of issues that will considerably impact a company

Identifying potential methods to reduce tax liability

Analyzing margin law filings

Reviewing “new” apportionment calculations

Facilitating a deeper client understanding of the new Texas margin tax

Tax Refunds

Streamline offers comprehensive expertise in obtaining refunds of incentives and credits. We pursue every opportunity to discover and secure all funds due. We have a proven track record of maximizing tax credits and incentives—translating to a healthier financial outlook for clients.

Tax Compliance Outsourcing Services

Today, there are thousands of employer regulations mandated by thousands of Federal, State, and Local tax agencies. It takes a diligent, full-time staff just to stay current with these constantly-changing laws.

While the workload required to meet these demands can be overwhelming, you do have the option to outsource your compliance requirements to our experts and we will relieve you of the burden and risks.

Audit Defense Representation

For organizations facing the IRS or a department of revenue, the state comptroller’s office or other agencies, international or local institutions, Streamline can help. We provide knowledgeable and when necessary, aggressive audit defense representation to resolve tax audits and minimize potential liability. The professionals at Streamline have the expertise and track record to handle consulting in every industry.

Managed Audit Programs

At Streamline, we use a transparent approach and straightforward process for our managed audits. We review for errors in decision-making and data entry to help minimize delays.

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